Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I remember as a kid and especially a teenager, looking at myself in the mirror.  I'd examine my features, contemplating each detail of the shapes and shades on my face.  I'd watch my mom spend hours getting dressed, carefully applying her blush and finishing off with a shade of red lipstick.
As a teenager, I spent time trying to perfect my appearance to the best of my ability.  I wore very little make-up but still spent time in front of the mirror admiring, criticizing and often contemplating every feature.
I recently realized how little I look in the mirror now.  I spend a quick 5-10 minutes tossing on make-up (by make-up I mean concealer and mascara, maybe some blush if I'm feeling adventurous) and brushing my hair (my most likely 2 day dirty hair). I spend minimal time getting dressed for work with a toddler pulling on my leg.  Honestly, I didn't spend too much time before hand primping myself either.  I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and hardly recognized myself.  I don't necessarily think it is because I look dramatically different, but more so because I forgot.  I forgot because I never look anymore.  I guess this is just another part of the mom journey- putting all of yourself into this little person whether you mean to or not.  It made me think about all the 'mom make-over' shows I've seen in my life and remember thinking- uh, not me.  I will not be so unaware of myself that I will wear mom jeans and have a hair cut from high school.  Well, once again never say never.  Here I am using the same concealer and having the same hair cut (long, no style, occasionally brushed).  As I try to make a commitment to spend a few more minutes on myself in the morning or whenever to get tone down the 'mom' look, I realize that would most likely require me to get up even earlier.  I'm just not sure if that is a sacrifice I am willing to make for beauty.  

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