I’ve been using this technique since I was about 4 years old.  Madonna’s Material Girl, and Mike Ditka’s Super Bowl Shuffle started a lifetime of dancing as a form of energy, encouragement, inspiration and often time’s therapy.  It wasn't until recently that a formal term was formed...My Inner Cheerleader. 
During my early high school years I was shy and kept a small group of friends. After years of bench warming on all of the sports teams, I turned in my jerseys for the journalism department.  In my teenage years, I would close the door to my room, and release my inner cheerleader with a performance between the mirror and me.  I often fantasized about private dance parties wearing the cute cheer leading outfits.  Having two left feet and no athletic ability, living the life of an actual cheerleader was never an option for me.

High school- My new friend Jessica had just made the cheer leading squad.  She came over to my house with her new uniform. 
“Wow, you are so lucky Jessica. Your uniform is so cute!”

Jessica stared at me.

“Can I try it on?” I asked.

She just looked at me as she left the room.  I took her lack of response as a yes.

I jumped at my opportunity to put on the cheerleading uniform. It was black and gold with “panthers” written across the chest.  It clung to my body, a little tight, but I felt like a rock star.  I turned on the stereo.  I couldn’t stop my dancing feet. 

Moments later, the music stopped.  Jessica returned and stopped the music.

“Take it off.  I didn’t think you were serious.” She scolded. 

I immediately removed the uniform.  My hands were sweating and I began to lose my hearing.  I feared I might faint with embarrassment. 

Jessica grabbed her uniform and left.  That was the end of our short-lived friendship. 

Not to worry, Jessica did not crush the dream.  Currently in my very early 30's, I continue to practice releasing MyInnerCheerleader, minus the formal cheerleading uniform.  I begin my work day by turning on my pot of coffee, and strapping on my ipod for a solo dance party before starting my day at my 9-5 job.  While releasing my inner cheerleader, I feel alive, inspired, like I can do anything.