Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Will regretfully attend?

I received a wedding invitation and had to be careful reading the reply card.  Have you received one like this before? 

I get that it is a joke, but I didn't think it was very funny.  I thought it was stupid.  I interpreted it that they really don't care for going to weddings themselves so understand if you don't either.  I think mainly guys and singles fall into the category of like going to weddings.   Back in my single days, I admit I didn't enjoy them the way I do now. I think of it the way I do most things in life, you really don't understand unless you've gone through it yourself.   Anyways, in my single days going to weddings was more about how much I could drink, dance and who I might meet (I did meet the Husband at a wedding).  Now,  you are guaranteed to find me weeping when the bride is revealed and her groom watches her walk down the aisle.  I'm a total sap, I know.  I'm still drinking and dancing my ass off as much as possible at weddings though.  I love them! I see them as a huge party.  
So, I started taking a poll of what others thought of the reply card.  The Husband thought it was down right hilarious and told me to loosen up.  My married sister reacted the way I did.  
What do you think?  I am curious to know how many responses of Will regretfully attend and Delightfully cannot attend they receive. 


  1. It is a bit silly, but I don't understand why anyone wouldn't want to go to a wedding, especially the reception.

  2. as a single almost 30 year old weddings are brutal for me. it's another reminder that someone was able to find blissful happiness and while i'm totally and honestly stoked for them it's a yet another reminder that i'm alone (and seems like i will always be alone!) and yeah sometimes i do "regretfully" attend... but would never ever put that on a reply card! i get what they were going for, and yeah it's funny i guess... but also i think it's mostly weird.

  3. These are the kind of "hilarious" people that buy coffee mugs that say "Looks like someone has a case of the MONDAYS!" and bumper stickers that say "My REGULAR student can beat up your HONOR student!"

    But I guess if everyone was a laugh riot, I'd be working at McDonald's instead of trying to be a humor writer, right?

    Also, I love how the responses only encourage this kind of unfunny trash. Like, if Aunt Sophia writes back that she 'regretfully must attend,' even if she was being 100% honest about this, Richard Pryor the comedian's going to laugh and say, "Oh that Aunt Sophia, look, she actually checked it! Oh ho ho ho, we are SUCH a funny family!"

    I'm gonna go kill myself now.


  4. Ugh. I really hate when people make weddings so unattended and unfun. And by the way, this is NOT funny. It's annoying and lame. Can't people just get married and not make such assholes of themselves?

  5. I guess for a young couple that may be funny to them, but what if some of their most important guest responded with "Will Regretfully Attend". Later they may wonder if those that they were closest to were really for the wedding at all.. Old saying comes back.. be careful what you ask.. you just might get the answer and not be too thrilled with what you hear..

  6. Yeah, didn't find this particularly funny or cute. Though, it did remind me of when I got married, one of my college buddies who was a particularly bitter about his romantic prospects at the ripe age of 21 crossed out whatever the happy wording was on my RSVP to write in that he was unhappily attending.