Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Movie: Mother and Child

Mother and Child, starring Naomi Watts, Annette Bening, and Kerry Washington
A drama centered around three women: A 50-year-old woman, the daughter she gave up for adoption 35 years ago, and an African American woman looking to adopt a child of her own. (synopsis from imbd.com)

When this movie arrived in the mail I thought it was a mistake.  I was expecting Season 3 of Breaking Bad and didn't even remember putting this in my queue.  I read the synopsis and see it is about adoption. Oh, of course this is something I would put in my queue.  Adoption is totally my thing, especially this year.  One of the first scenes shows an adoptee on a job interview.  She gets asked the Tell me something personal about yourself and she answers with her story of being adopted at birth.  Hmmm, this sounds very familiar.  This happened to me! How could it be in a movie already?  But why when it happened to me did it feel like a disaster?  I suppose it is because the question I was asked was only slightly different Tell me about yourself, lacking the invitation for that something personal.   
The movie worth a watch.  I found it accurately depicted emotions involved with various aspects of adoption from the birth mother, to the adoptee, to the adoptive parents.  I'd be interested to hear the view someone has on the movie who has not been involved in the adoption process.   I think it is worth a watch. 


  1. I think my girlfriend would like this kind of movie but we both lack the time to sit down and do anything together for more than 10 minutes. :(

  2. This sounds like my kinda movie. I'll probably watch this sometime during the Thanksgiving holiday if it's on netflix streaming.

  3. Sometimes watching a movie that I've passed over numerous times before can be a good surprise. Thanks for the tip on this one.