Monday, November 21, 2011

Excuses needed for work holiday party

I am not a competitive person.  I was that girl growing up who would hit in the back during Dodgeball hoping to get hit so I could sit down.  My office's holiday party involves a day competition.  Last year it was at Main Event with laser tag and bowling (I can handle bowling).  This year it is whirly ball and laser tag. I'm not quite sure what whirly ball is, but I know it involves tossing a ball around which only means high levels of anxiety in my book. 

I dread the holiday party.  It brings me back to those elementary school days that I am so happy to be past now.  I feel the anxiety in my chest just like I did growing up.  Our holiday party is during the work day and attendance is required.  It is a big deal.  Getting the day off is nearly impossible.  I try and think of excuses to get out of going every year and have yet to succeed.  Finding an excuse out reminded me of having to run the mile in gym class growing up.  I dreaded this day.  I was that girl who was always the last one to finish huffing and puffing as she finished her 15 minute mile.  In an effort to track how many times each student ran around the field, our gym teacher passed out Popsicle sticks with numbers on them.  It took 6 sticks to prove you had completed the mile.  I finally figured out to bring my own popsicle sticks so I could finish with the other kids. Yes, I ate the six popsicles the day before to get my sticks.  I totally got busted attempting to turn in 6 sticks still fruit stained at 8 minutes. Total elementary school humiliation!  You think I would've learned my lesson then, yet here I am thirty years old trying to find a way out. The holiday party is less than 2 weeks away, any ideas on ways out? 


  1. I always use the family excuse. My husband has someplace he needs to go and we only have one car etc etc. The husband excuse always works for me.

    I usually never go to work parties, but lazer tag sounds really fun to a total dork like myself.

  2. Aww it won't be that bad! Just hide in a corner and cover your vest with your knees and snipe people as they come around... you'll be like a little turret of destruction.

  3. I hate work parties that involve competition. As if you aren't already in competition with each other enough! I believe a good work party should include food, booze, and music. That's all.

  4. I also do not know what whirly ball is, but it kind of sounds like dizzy bat so I'm forced to assume you must be very drunk to participate.