About Me

Ramblings of a gal dreaming still about who she wants to be when she grows up, while living a life full of crazy stories.   I left my dream job and moved back to Texas for love and family.  Now old enough to be officially grown up as they say,  I still feel like a youngster who happens to have laugh lines and wrinkles that would suggest otherwise. 
My passion is the art of storytelling and I have many stories to tell.
I hope people get a laugh out of my stories and use them as
inspiration to never stop dreaming.  I invite you to release your
InnerCheerleader as I release mine in hopes of finding where life
might take me next.

I have no coordination, no athletic abilities, and very little rhythm.  I love pop culture, being in the company of friends, musicals, PacMan, theater, cheese and yoga.  I enjoy dancing in seclusion where I can let loose and release my inner cheerleader.  I often begin my day by strapping on my ipod for a solo dance party.  While releasing MyInnerCheerleader I feel alive, inspired....like I can do anything. 

Try it.