Monday, November 14, 2011

The Couples Shower

I first heard of a Couples Shower when I was asked to be a Maid of Honor to my childhood best friend.  We were 23 and she was the first of my friends to marry.  I had no idea what it meant to be a Maid of Honor other than it meant she liked me the most.  She was the one that told me I planned the bachelorette party, showers and lead the way for the other bridesmaids.  Yes, I was really this clueless.  She suggested a Couples Shower.  Hmmm. Okay...This really meant nothing to me. So now what?  I started planning by making a list of couples who would be invited to the shower.  I had recently found myself single from my college boyfriend of 3 years and was wondering who I would find as a date.  A couples shower meant it was for couples to attend, right?  WRONG.  I quickly learned it basically meant a coed shower hosted in honor of the couple.  Ohh, that makes more sense.  Little did I know how many couple wedding showers I would attend in my twenties (I ended up being a bridesmaid over 10 times).  There are good intentions behind couples showers.  I think it is an attempt at making a shower more of a party for everyone.  However inevitably, I found they still feel like showers.  Somehow Husband managed to not attend any of the couple wedding showers with me, so when I told him we would be going to a couples baby shower he was totally confused.  He was totally perplexed over why he had to attend a baby shower.  Aren't those usually just for girls?  I assured him he would not have to watch the couple open gifts.  I had found this another advantage of couples showers.  Usually there is a table set up where guests set down their gifts, then they are escorted to the bar where most people spend the rest of the night.  I tried to sell it to him as a party, BBQ kind of environment (the way others had described it to me), when I knew damn well what we were walking into.  He tagged along with a smile on his face, but I could see the confusion in his eyes from the minute we walked into the shower.  The hostess comes up, greets us and offers us a drink.  "Suzy made a diaper cake, you have to go see it," She said.  
"Oh, sounds good.  I love cake," Husband replies. 
 The Husband was very disappointed to learn there was no actual cake, just a bunch of diapers piled up with ribbons as he said.  I made sure the Husband had a beer in his hand the whole time to help make the time move along for him.  Right when we thought it was time to leave, we are escorted in the gift opening present room.  Husband gives me a look and I smile going to get him another beer.  So, if you are going to have a couples shower, don't have guests watch you open gifts.  It makes for a better time for everyone and make sure the bar is well stocked. 


  1. LOL!!! Great post! I wish my hubby was home so that I could've read this to him! :) But you are sooooo right, gotta have that Bud-Light in hand! hahahaaa Loved the diaper cake :)

  2. Wow I never heard of a couples shower before

  3. I had to laugh out loud at your hubby's comment!!!! "Oh,sounds good. I love cake." LOL!!

    I never really did understand this concept. Poor dudes that get sucked in.

  4. What a great post. Thanks for finding my blog and my birthday wishes. You've got a good sense of humor!!!