Friday, June 8, 2012

White Bread

Something tells me skinny girls don't eat white hamburger buns in large quantities.   Who even buys white bread anymore, right?  I treated the Husband to some sloppy joes this week allowing him to take a break from my vegetarian meals.  When picking out buns, I figured I had to go with the white buns for sloppy joes.  White bread is delicious.  It melts in your mouth.  I ate so many of the buns, it took everything I had to leave some for the Husband when he got home from work.  I took the remaining buns and hid them from myself.  I know this trick sounds ridiculous, but 50% of the time it works for me.  I put them in the back of the pantry out of site and headed to the bedroom to read. I forgot about the delicious, buns until Husband arrived home and devoured his carnivore meal.   This time the tactic worked and he too got to enjoy the white buns.  

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