Saturday, June 9, 2012

Baby shower jitters

This afternoon I'm headed to a baby shower.  My weekends have transitioned from wedding plans to baby shower/baby birthday plans.  For this one, I had to chose between a shower and another friend's 1st baby birthday party.  I chose the shower.  I tend to be early for events in life yet I am a huge procrastinator.  I waited until yesterday to get my baby shower gift. Now, being a baby-less woman, I am extremely grateful for the baby registry.  I headed to Babies R' Us to pick up a registry gift.  I printed to the registry and it became apparent to me very quickly that I should've done this earlier.  A majority of the gifts were already purchased, and many of the others I wanted to get were not in stock.  My anxiety went through the roof as I paced the aisles of Babies R' Us completely overwhelmed by all the foreign objects.  I feel my body become warmer and warmer, and I feel the dizziness sinking in.  I stop, sit, and convince myself to chill the heck out.  As I sit, an employee asks to assist me and I let her. 
I end up with swaddle blankets (which I am satisfied with) and a rectal thermometer.   
 Now, I am not very close with the friend whose shower this is, but I really, really like her.  I am worried out of my mind about this baby shower.  1.) Will the rectal thermometer gift imply that I don't like her as much as I do?  2.) I really hope she doesn't say rectal when she opens the gift.  I dread that moment at showers when my gift gets opened and everyone is watching.  Even if I am with a group of people I am extremely familiar and close with, my anxiety is through the roof.
I decide to head to a baby boutique to pick up one more gift.  The baby is a girl and I figure a little outfit will hopefully mask the rectal thermometer.  Now I realize if this thermometer is causing me so much anxiety, maybe I should just not give it to her.  Then I keep thinking if it was on her registry, I shouldn't worry, but I can't help myself.  
Here goes nothing! Fingers crossed rectal won't be mentioned.

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  1. I say if it is on her registry, you should be fine. Besides taking a baby's temperature rectally is the recommended way.