Thursday, February 9, 2012

See what you want to see

If I haven't mentioned it before, I have a huge fear of cars.  I hate driving and riding in them.  If I have an opportunity to fly somewhere instead of drive I will do it.  I will take a 50 minute flight over a 3 hour drive any day.  I could go on and on about my fear of cars, but bottom line is I hate cars.  
The Husband and I were walking home from dinner recently.  As we approached our place, we noticed two cars with their lights on in our parking lot, but not in parking spots.  It appeared to be a fender bender to me.  I did my best to take a good look at the damage trying to not let those involved in the accident see me starring.  It was obvious nobody was hurt.  
"Did you see that?" Husband asked. 
"Yeah.  I hate cars, but it didn't look too bad," I reply with my head turned trying to get one more look.  
"What? Look again," He said. 
Standing there in plain view was a sixty something year old man, walking around the cars with nothing but his socks on.  Nothing but stripped socks.  He and two others (the two others were fully clothed) were speaking as though everything was normal.  How did I not see the naked man?!  
On second look, now trying not to get busted starring at the naked man, I realize there is no car accident.  Absolutely no damage to either car.  
I took this as a lesson.  We see what we want to see it life and it is all about perspective.  Many situations can be handled positively by the way we view them.  In this situation, my fear of cars and accidents got in the way of a good, hard laugh at a naked man walking around town.  I never want to miss out on a good laugh. 


  1. A naked man in striped socks. OMG...that is one to remember!

  2. Did you talk to Sock Guy?
    Then again, I think I'd be speechless...