Thursday, February 2, 2012

Birthday cupcakes and giggles

This year my birthday fell on the day I go volunteer at the Alzheimer's Association.  After about an hour of putting together packets, the AA staff comes in with a plate of cupcakes singing Happy Birthday.  I was surprised and very touched.  So touched that I could feel my eyes filling up with puddles of tears.  Focus. Don't cry. 
Trying to control my tears of tears, the song started coming to an end.  When they got to the “….Happy Birthday dear (insert name)” the crowd froze.  Nobody could remember my name.  They looked at each other with confusion hoping someone would come through with an answer.  Unfortunately for them nobody did.  Although this is the Alzheimer's Association, nobody on the administrative staff is suppose to have Alzheimer's.  I have been volunteering for over 3 years now and see the same people each week.  Oh once again the irony!  The crowd acted cool and normal rushing for their cupcakes after the song was over, as I stood belted over in laughter.  My almost tears replaced with loud, uncontrollable laughter.  Nobody else laughing but me.  Not one person came close to getting even a portion of my name right, not even the first syllable.  
The celebration continued with staff members ignoring my chuckles.  I never get tired of watching grown adults rush for free food.  Everyone rushed for a cupcake like they hadn't eaten in days, looking worried they might miss out on a serving of sugar.  
 And just as fast as they grabbed their cupcakes they scurried back to their desks.  They helped managed to make this birthday one I will remember, even if they won't. 

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