Friday, February 10, 2012

Off to Canada we go

We officially planned our next trip.  We've been going around in circles for months trying to decide where to go.  We considered Ireland, Belize, Whistler and the list goes on.  After so much back and forth that my head was spinning our tickets are booked and we are headed to Lake Louise & Banff in Alberta Canada.  We asked our well traveled friends the most beautiful place they had visited and kept getting told to go to Lake Louise.  Neither of us had actually heard of it until last month. 

 Now, the husband has a way of letting me give in like nobody else.  Seriously making him happy gives me so much joy.  It is kinda out of control.  My vote was for going to Lake Louise in the summer to escape the Texas heat, go canoeing, hiking etc. 

Alas, we are going in the winter.  I love snow and cold weather, but I do not like skiing.  I've made it perfectly clear to him over and over that he will be on the slopes alone.  I've tried it multiple times and rather spend my ski money in the spa.  I dread putting on all the clothes, and renting the equipment. He just looks at me with a grin that says, "See ya on the slopes." And we both know he is right.  I will get my lazy ass on the slopes simply to see the satisfied, happy look on his face.  
The Husband is very concerned about the weather in Canada.  He wants it bitter cold.  It is Canada in February. Of course it is going to be cold!  Just about every other day this week, I've caught him calling the resort to discuss the temperature.  He doesn't trust, the iphone or all the other resources at hand.  He wants a first hand account and weather predictions from locals.   I desperately plead with him each time to please not tell them our last name.   Anyone ever been and have recommendations? 


  1. Too cold for me but I hear it's absolutely beautiful. I'd probably try it if I could sit around a fire with a hot toddy in my hand at all times! Enjoy!

  2. Wow, looks amazing. Had actually never heard of it before as well. Have fun!

  3. Really jealous, Canada is one of places in the world I want to visit the most. Looks so beautiful.