Monday, October 3, 2011

Lesson in PDA

I'm a gold card holder at Starbucks.
I'm not gonna lie, when I pull out my gold card at Starbucks I feel like I am the equivalent of an American Express black card holder.  I feel exclusive and important.  With my recent purchase of 15 drinks, I had a free drink of my choice to redeem.  I chose the most expensive drink I could think of- a iced, venti, soy, vanilla latte. 

 I normally get a cup of coffee that takes little to no time to wait on.  My venti specialty drink on the other hand required my patience.  I headed over to the drink counter, somewhat unfamiliar territory for me, and placed myself behind the other thirsty, caffeine deprived patrons waiting. I couldn't help but notice a couple waiting in front of me.  A blond lady probably in her early forties wearing capri pants and a black baseball cap, stood behind her man with her arms wrapped around his stomach.  I watched her hug him close as her hands moved up his arms.  She massaged both his arms at the same time, then turned it more into a scratching motion as she went up his sleeves.  Then to my dismay, her hands came back down to the front of his shirt, going up his shirt to his chest.  With her hands still up his shirt, she outlined the lining of his pants with her fingers, and caressed his back.  All of this was happening in the public of Starbucks waiting for our drinks.  Hurry and get these people their drinks so they can get back to the bedroom!  I suspected these two were not married and in the early stages of dating.  I checked out their ring finger status and my theory checked out.  Not married.  Leaving I contemplated if the woman was trying to make it known to all the other caffine junkies that this was her man.  I left being very aware of public displays of affection with my PDA monitor on.  Husband and I do have a tendency to hold hands and sometimes steal a quick kiss in public, but I was not going to allow this activity today. 
Later in the day we headed off to church.  I noticed two couples a few pews ahead of us where the woman was rubbing the man's arms, and back (over the clothes this time thank goodness).  This continued all through mass.  Yes, I should've been spending more time praying than analyzing the PDA, but I couldn't help myself.  I justified it by assuming the ladies molesting their men during mass weren't doing much praying either.  I inspected the ring fingers of both couples.  Both couples were married distinguishing my theory from earlier in the day.  My lesson of the day was to try to keep my hands off my hot husband as a contribution to those around me.  You never know who is watching. 

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  1. PDA in churches is slightly disturbing.

    Holding hands is fine, but frenching should be outlawed in youth group...unless subtle boners are encouraged in church settings.