Friday, September 30, 2011

Cleaning up the mess

My dear friend had her third little girl.  She has three girls ages four, two and the newborn.  I offered my services for the afternoon so she could get some sleep.  My friend slept in her room while I took care of the girls.  I was enjoying a tea party with the four year old, while the newborn slept.  I heard the two year old calling me from the other room, and I yelled back to wait just another minute.
 "Auntie! Come heeeeeya"
I postponed getting off my butt to the other room for a few more minute.  What I walked into was very unexpected.  There, squated in the living room over Mom's new pottery barn rug, the two year old was in the middle of taking a dump.  I froze as she gave me a look of fear.  She knew this was not the proper place to relieve herself.  We made eye contact as she pushed out the rest of it, pulled up her pants and pointed out the obvious, "Poopoo and peepee Auntie." 
Hmmm, what to do now. I probably should've stopped her in the act, but too late for that now.  I took her to the restroom to wipe her off, while convincing her this was nothing she needed to tell Mommy about.
"If I give you a piece of candy, don't tell Mommy, okay?"  She agreed to the bribe.  I hunted down a piece of chocolate and passed it over to the two year old while I cleaned up the evidence. 
Once again, very obvious that I am a baby-less woman with little knowledge of how to handle the world of children.  Although I lack the knowledge and experience, I normally leave time with kiddos with a smile on my face. 

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