Thursday, September 29, 2011

Daily yoga obstacles

Today is my 3 year anniversary practicing Bikram yoga.  My body acts different in each class, but the one constant is the high I feel after completing a class. I am more focused, positive and alert when I am practicing.  If only I could get myself in the studio more often I would be super woman.  In the past few months I have struggled with the same issues in regards to yoga class.  Well to be honest, I have struggled with the first two items since I started. 
1.) Walking in the door to the yoga studio.  I make it to the parking lot, sit there until the last minute and ponder what I could be eating instead of going inside.  About 70% of the time I make it to class and the other 30%, well use your imagination (hamburgers, burritos, cheese).  
2.) Finishing class and finding myself picking up food on the drive home.  The ten minutes of drive time from my yoga studio to my home are challenging.  Finding myself in line at In-N-Out Burger (which I don't even like that much) or in line at Chipolte (and not for one of those healthy bowls) is a common occurance.  I think it must be similar to when people try to stop smoking....oh I'll just have this one and then I'll quick.  I head home and self induce a food coma while watching a beloved TV show.
3.) Speaking to the new hot instructor.  Yoga is suppose to be a time I can escape from my social anxiety and other anxieties of the world.  A new hot male yoga instructor has screwed this up.  When he teaches, he greets you as you walk in the studio with his Austrialian accent,  wearing his tiny spandex shorts that hide very little of his perfectly sculpted body. Normally I am not a fan of a man in spandex.  Come to think of it, I never think I have ever found this look remotely attractive until hot male yoga instructor.  During class he walks around and gently touches you to adjust you in a pose and whispers words of encouragement in your ear.  Each time he attempts to adjust me I fall out of my pose and I have trouble regrouping. 

If I could only find a way to overcome these 3 yoga obstacles, I think I might be able to get in tip top shape.  Any suggestions? 

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