Tuesday, October 4, 2011

And today I look like...a model?!

Husband is a police officer.  Have I mentioned that before?  He called me from work last night telling me I was the talk of the police station.  Husband informs me that a fellow officer and good friend of ours Adam, had brought an underwear ad to the police station.  He was showing it around the station asking everyone who it looked like and the unanimous answer was me.  Officers said my name without any prompting.  As I've mentioned before I have a familiar looking face.  I get told very frequently that I look like somebody or strangers think they know me from somewhere.  The news that officers thought I looked like a lingerie model came as a very pleasent surprise.  I spent the evening with heightened self-esteem thinking I must be a hot wife.  Images of Heidi Klum and Victortra Secret models filled my head.  I wonder which one they thought I looked like. 
I am not one of those girls who thinks of themselves as pretty.  In fact, I have a hard time looking at myself in the mirror.  Yes, I have some issues I know.  So I was surprised and delighted by this new image of myself.  I was feeling pretty young too.  Much of these officers passing along the picture are still in their twenties so I did consider the title of cougar, but I was fine with that too.  I danced around the apartment feeling pretty sexy.  I was seriously feeling MyInnerCheerleader. 
Husband brings the ad home with him.  NOT exactly what I was imagining.  It was an underwear ad just as he had described.  NOT a lingerie ad as I had interpreted it as.  These were full coverage, middle-aged, larger boned women in a Macy's ad. Nothing men look at and find attractive. The woman they thought looked like me was a compliment, but the ad was by no means sexy.  More like a teacher (not sexy teacher), or a Mom like ad.  They wore those beige, practical, comfortable bras.  When one of my friend's got married, her husband's one request was that she trash her beige bras because they reminded him of his grandmother. 
I couldn't stop laughing at how I had misinterpreted things.  And there is my reality check for the day.  I feel 31 getting closer and closer.  It might be time for me to toss out my practical beige bras for some lacy, black sexy somethings.  


  1. I love a good backhanded compliment. She looks way too happy to be wearing that bra. I'm just glad we can't see the bottoms, because I bet you anything they're a big pair of granny panties...

  2. This is really funny.
    At least it wasn't one of those ads for the t-back grandma bras that help old ladies eliminate the back-hump posture!!!
    I say take what you can get!