Monday, September 26, 2011

Baby pressure even from Facebook?

My Facebook ads have hit a sore spot.  I can hardly log onto Facebook without the reminder of being in my thirties baby-less, and there being a problem with this.  My sidebar ads flash messages of infertility and adoption.  Just because I am not with child at the moment, does not mean I am experiencing these problems and I do not appreciate the reminder that the older I get the more my chances decrease.  A thought did occur to me while trying to bottle up my rage towards Facebook.  Women spend all of these years working towards not getting pregnant in our younger years- making sure we are on the pill, taking the pill on time, or making sure there are other forms of contraception around etc.  Once we are done with our personal fun or find that we better jump on the wagon before our eggs officially deplete and remove the goalie after all those years, why do we expect it to be so easy? 

I kinda have an image of God getting a little kick out of this and reminding us that he is the one in charge, not us.  I'm not trying to say women struggling with infertility deserve this struggle or brought it on themselves by any means.  My heart goes out to those women.  I'm simply reminded that we are not the ones ultimately in control of our journey. 

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