Sunday, September 25, 2011

Review: Drive

Starring Ryan Gosling, with Carrie Mulligan,  Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad), Albert Brooks, and Christina Hendricks

Ryan Gosling seems to be popping up in all kinds of movie genres and this is perfectly fine with me.  He had the talent to play the romantic role (The Notebook), the funny role (Crazy, Stupid, Love) and now the bad ass in Drive.  The constant in all these roles is his crazy, sexy, hotness.  When I chose to see Drive, Husband assumed and teased me for simply lusting after Gosling. This was partly true, but I also thought he would enjoy the movie. He was pleasantly surprised to enjoy Drive, possibly more than I did.  Husband ranked Drive as one of the top 5 movies he has seen in the last ten years.  I enjoyed it as well, but not as much as Husband.  There is an intense amount of violence I found myself covering my eyes through.  Movie violence is not my thing.  The movie did have my heart pounding from suspense for the last hour or so.  Gosling plays a Hollywood stunt driver who on the side helps drive getaway cars for criminal activity.  He goes by Driver and has no other name and no other life. There is a love story thrown in there too which helped keep my interest.  I am a sucker for a love story.  

Highly recommended especially if you are seeing a movie with a dude.

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