Thursday, August 4, 2011

You get what you pay for

I am frugal.  I like to attribute this to the lifestyle changes I have been required to adjust to through these thirty years.  Hair cuts and color are something I especially try to keep the cost down on.  I go to a styling school and have the students color my hair.  So far, this works great.  The only downfall is having to allow 5 hours for a partial highlight.  When I had a $10 haircut from the students it was a disaster.  Swoop bangs swooping the wrong way.  I walked around with a piece of hair hanging by the right side of my face too cheap to get another professional stylist to correct it.  
The time arrived for another haircut.  I searched the internet for a decent salon with below average prices.  After a recommendation from a friend I decided to give a new salon a try.  They advertised a $25 haircut and shampoo.  I liked their prices and the recommendation.  It is in a very high end part of town leading me to confident in my decision. 
I walked in the salon.  A large woman weighing in at about 240 sat at the front desk, wearing a Fruit of the Loom looking old t-shirt, no make-up, her hair was hardly brushed and pulled back into a straggly ponytail,  she wore large outdated glasses with flip-flops.  
"Hi, I have an appointment for a haircut," I said.
"Great, I'm Christina and I will be cutting your hair," She replied. 
Her appearance should've been my first clue.  Being the beauty industry, looking the part should be a required, if not a red flag I neglected to notice her lack of beauty regime.  She also wore sweet Mom jeans.

As she cut my hair, I noticed her lack of attention, but brushed it off.  This was a cheap haircut and I know I usually get what I pay for.  We engaged in small talk.  Another woman walked over and Christina and her started discussing their child.  I looked around and realized the salon was run by lesbians.  I have plenty of friends different sexual preferences.  However, I have found the stereotype for lesbians in regards to how they dress giving off a butch vibe to often be true (not always, calm down my lovely lesbian ladies).  The salon was full of butch, very kind, stereotypical lesbians.  However, not the look I was going for.  My personal style borders on the butch side (especially where my shoes are concerned) and didn't need any help furthering this path.  
Time to check out.  That will be $60 I hear. 
"For just a hair cut?" I question, jaw dropped. 
"No, a haircut and a blow dry," She said as two others approached the counter.  
I handed her my credit card, pissed.  I was very disappointed with my $60 haircut and blow dry, but  I am timid as it is and wasn't about to start an argument at this joint. 
Once again lesson learned.  No such thing as a free lunch.  Check the fine print.  Get the details. 

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