Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Brucing is a verb

Brucing is a term recently developed a friend.  She went on a date with Bruce.  She started getting the impression that he wasn't as into her as she would like.  Some girls would take this as a clue to back off, but not my friend nor me (back in my single days) would accept such actions as defeat.  There is a category of woman who will take this as their clue to up the game, to send a few more emails, or encourage the relationship to carry on with a few more texts.  My friend participated in this behavior.  She went so far as to ask for a reminder of the time of their next date, when really no second date had ever been planned.  Thus, the verb "brucing" emerges.  She asked me if I had played the same games with Husband, and I realized I had. 
Our minds work a little different then other woman's and this might be the root of some of our problems.  Discussing the brucing situation led us to reflect on the various tactics we use to gain the attention of men.  For instance, if you haven't heard from him in a few days and feel that all he needs is a reminder of how much he enjoys your company you simply send an email with a photo attached.  The photo must show you in a very positive light- perhaps you are looking extra skinny in your new jeans, or maybe it shows you engaging in an activity you know he is particularly fond of.  The purpose isn't just to remind him that you exist, it is to remind him of how much he adores you and needs you in his life- just as you need him in yours. Yes, we know we sound like crazy girls.  We are not.  We are smart, funny, confidant women, but when it comes to the game of love, we tend to lose our sanity.  Oh the crazy things love (or the potential to find love) can make us do. 


  1. Thanks for stopping by. When hubby and I met I told him NO TEXTING!! It's just bad.

  2. I know exactly what you mean. Thats not beeing crazy at all, just smart!