Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Saving my skin

I am a sucker for the Groupon, Living Social etc.  spa deals.  If a discounted massage or facial is offered I will purchase it. 

I went to redeem my latest facial from Groupon.  Since turning 30 I am even a bigger sucker for facials.  I've convinced myself they will help slow the aging process.  The spa was located on the second floor of an apartment building.  From the outside it looked sketchy, but once I walked inside I felt at ease in the calming, spa atmosphere.  The facialist walked me into a room, asking questions about my skin.  I laid on the table so she could do her assessment.  This is not my first facial rodeo, so I think I know what is coming and I prepare myself for the compliments.  Normally I hear the following:
-What beautiful skin you have
-You take such good care of your skin
-Keep doing what you are doing

Here is how it went this time. 

Facialist:  So I see you are entering the aging process. 

The aging process?  What the hell is that suppose to mean?  Aren't we in the aging process from the day we are born.  Of course I do not respond in such a manner. 

Me: Yes, I am now into my thirties.  
Facialist: I see some sun damage.  Did you spend a lot of time in the sun growing up and have some bad burns? 
Me: My family all has dark skin.  I'm the only fair skinned, freckled one.  We were always in the sun growing up.  

I could've easily stopped there, but my mouth kept going as usual giving too much information.

Me: I was adopted and the only one that had to wear sunscreen. 

She ignores my adoption comment and proceeds to educate me on the aging process. 

Facialist:  As we age, our skin thins out.  There are ways to prevent this, but inevitably it happens to all of us.  I see your skin thinning.  

Heart-pounding, and the sweating is beginning.  Is this really happening to me?  I don't feel like a woman with thin, loose old skin.  My mind starts drifting.  Does Husband notice my loose skin?  

Facialist: You have dark circles under your eyes and I see the skin especially thinning in this area.  It looks like CHICKEN SKIN. 

Me:  CHICKEN SKIN?  Please do not be offended if I cry throughout the facial.  

She laughs at what she assumes is a joke.  This is not a joke people.  I am not ready to have lose CHICKEN SKIN. 

How do I make this stop?!

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