Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dorky dentist jokes and tears

My dentist is a middle-aged, dorky looking, glasses wearing kind of guy.  He is just the kind of person you feel comfortable poking at your teeth and gums.  I went for my 6 month check-up.  He laid my chair back, turned on the bright light above the chair, and started telling one of his corny jokes.  

Dentist: Your Husband is a police officer right? I've got a joke for your.  A blond woman gets pulled over by a blond male police officer.  The officer walks up to the car and asks for identification.  The blond woman pulls out her mirror, looking at her reflection and hands the mirror to the officer.  The officer looking into the mirror at his own reflection says, if you I knew you were a police officer I wouldn't have pulled you over.  

I let out my signature laugh, which is about all I am able to respond as he continues examining my teeth.  He continues speaking with what I anticipate to be another dorky dentist joke. 

Dentist:  I'm known as the funny man.  I've got lots and lots of jokes. A few years back,  I sat next to my mother-n-law as she lay on her death bed.  I loved her like she was my own mother.  As she took her last breath she asked me to tell her one of my jokes, and I couldn't think of one. I froze.

I start nervously laughing thinking I missed the punchline during tolerating the poking and prodding.  

Dentist: She took her last breath and was gone.  I never got to tell her my last joke.  I often wonder what one I would've told her. 

I look up, realizing this is not a joke.  My Dentist is crying.  His tears are dripping down his face down onto me as I continue to lay in the examining chair.  This is really happening!

Me: I am sorry.  

I think to myself I must do my best to just leave it as that and do not continue speaking.  I never know what might fall out of my mouth.  He finishes the examination, never reaching for a tissue or whipping the tears.  

Dentist:  Your teeth look great, but I still think you need those wisdom teeth out.  Great seeing you.  

He pats me on the back and walks me to the check-out counter.  
Just another day in my awkward life. 

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