Monday, August 29, 2011

Food trucks and Japanese friends

I am a fan of food trucks and especially when they are all together in one place.  Over the weekend we attended a food truck festival in Dallas.  Delicious! 
 My favorite was Ruthie's Rolling Cafe's grilled cheese.  Definitely worth trying if you get a chance. You can customize your grilled cheese to include different cheeses, and meats.  The special dipping sauce is a must for flippin and dippin your grilled cheese. 

We ran into our friend Joe at the festival and went for a drink with him after our bellies were full from trying all the varieties of food.  He was meeting some other friends who we had never met. 
Joe: Are you guys okay with Japanese people?  My friends are Japanese.
Us: Not a problem.  What do you think we are racist?  Of course we are fine with Japanese people. 

What Joe neglected to inform us of was that they spoke very little English.  We sat at the bar attempting to make small talk with an obvious language barrier.  One of our new Japanese friends returns from the restroom with some questions about a conversation he over heard in the urinal.  

New Japanese Friend:  The man in the bathroom said he wanted his friend to put his coch in a box.  What does that mean?  He said, "Man, why are you coch boxing me?"  

Me:  I think what the person meant was coch blocking.

Japanese FriendHe did not want to put his friend's coch in a box?  What coch blocking?  

I look at husband for help answering this one. My social anxiety is kicking in and I can feel the sweat developing down my back.  I'm not sure how to explain this without offending anyone.  I can't find words to continue and start belting out my very loud laugh. 

Husband:  Don't mind my wife, she has social anxiety.  It means the guy is trying to hook up with a girl and his friend is doing something to make it not happen.  

Our Japanese friends look even more confused trying to figure out social anxiety and coch blocking in the same conversation.  Directly addressing my personality flaw did not seem to help anyone, but me.  I like putting it all out on the table.  I can admit my flaws and even likes when Husband does the explaining for me.  
The back and forth went on for a while.  The language barrier made it hard to explain coch blocking and social anxiety. 

I'm pretty certain they still think the term is coch boxing. 


  1. Food truck festival?!! Now we're talking!!!

    That grilled cheese sandwich is making me drool all over my 12:43 am. Not a good thing. Not good at all. *hungry*

  2. Oh my GOSH, those grilled cheese sandwiches look AMAZING.

    Here's my confession: food trucks freak me out. I'm afraid of getting sick. A little irrational I know, but... alas.