Saturday, July 30, 2011

Yes, I know who I look like

About once a week someone approaches me thinking they know me from somewhere.  Sometimes it is the grocery store check-out person, someone I am standing in line next to, or a stranger approaches me out of nowhere.  I've become accustomed to having a familiar face.  I've been told I resemble Drew Barrymore, Melissa Joan Hart and Leann Rhimes. 

Drew Barrymore seems to be the most popular throughout the years.  From her E.T. days to now, we seem to have grown to share more characteristics through the years.

  I tell people it is because we have similar lisps (yes, as in speech impediment), but they insist it is more then that. 
In line at TJ Max I am approached by the lady next to me in line. I know where this is going. 
"Do I know you from somewhere?" she asks. 
"No, I don't think so.  I have a familiar face.  I get asked this question often." I reply. 
"Hmm, I feel like I know you. Wait, do you know who I look like?," she said. 
I do in fact know  exactly who I look like, but I chose to let her continue.  No need to kill her excitement.  
"Drew Barrymore!"  
"Yes, I've heard that my whole life," I said.  
"And you two must be the same age, or are you a few years older?  What are you in your late 30s too?" 
This is where everything goes downhill.  I am trying to catch my breathe.  My body starts to break out in sweat.  In my LATE 30's?  Holy hell! I am 30.  I still think may almost qualify as late 20's.  I am not comfortable with the term early 30's quite yet.  
"No, I am younger then her," I reply, wiping the smile off my face.  
"Oh, well Drew always looks so young.  It is hard to tell," She said. 
Conversation over.  Stupid lady put me in a bad mood.  I am use to being told I look like Drew Barrymore, but a younger Drew Barrymore is always what I assumed they really meant.
I head out of T.J.Max and head straight to Nordstroms.  It is time to invest in some serious eye cream and anything else that may help with this aging that has snuck up on me out of nowhere. 

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