Monday, August 1, 2011

Bosses are just people too

You never really have the ability to understand something another person is going through until you experience it yourself. This becomes clearer and clearer to me the older I get. You don't understand the joys and importance of getting married until you've done it, you don't understand how special being an aunt or uncle is, you don't understand what it feels like to lose a parent until it happens to you...the list goes on. Today clarity came in realizing how it feels to be a boss. A friend and I use to complain about our bosses all the time, and now years later after we have both been in manager positions we realize the difficulty. Bosses have to keep a fine line between friends and boss, and it is hard. We all want to be liked even if we chose to admit it or not.  Bosses are just people too. 

Hmmm, on second thought I do recall recently comparing my boss to the North Korean government. 
 Some bosses are treated the way they are for a reason.  There goes my sympathy, right out the window. 

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