Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Review: Still Alice, by Lisa Genova

Alice is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease at an early age.  She is a brilliant, educated successful woman who tragically becomes broken by the disease.  It tugs at your heart strings told through Alice's point of view as she describes her daily struggles forgetting everyday tasks we often take for granted.   
This is a heart wrenching account of the devastating effects Alzheimer’s disease has on the victim and the family.  Currently watching both of my grandmothers mindlessly walks through life as Alzheimer’s deteriorates their brain, this story hit very close to home.  Until this book, my point of view came from the side of the caregivers.  Rarely had I spent time thinking about what it must be like for my grandmothers to slowly lose their memories. My sympathy was for those like my grandfather. After living through almost sixty five years of marriage together, she no longer even knew his name.  This story does an excellent job describing the frustrations and confusion of the patient.   It is an inspiration to not let one day pass us by and a reminder of the priceless value of our memories.  Our memories and experiences make up who we are.  An easy read, I highly recommend Still Alice.

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