Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Half the truth is all they need

I offered to pack a lunch for Husband to take to work with him.  
 "Will you pack one of my pills too?" he requested.  His pills are a sore subject with me.  I hate that he takes them.  The only purpose they have is to prevent hair loss.  I reach for the medicine bottle and place a pill next to his burrito in a plastic container.  I neglect to tell him where I put it.  Hours later I get a call from him at work while he is eating his lunch. 
"This burrito tastes funky," he says as politely as he can knowing that insulting my cooking might result in no home cooked meals at all.  
"Did you take your pill out before you microwaved your lunch?" I ask.  
He did not and the pill had melted in with the burrito.  Funky burrito mystery taste solved.  
"Will you please bring me another pill?" he asks.  He works less then a mile away so I obliged.  
I went to grab another pill when I realize there are 2 pill bottles on the counter.  One for our dog, and one for Husband. The top of the dog's pill bottle even indicates so.

I open both bottles examining the pills.  
The capsule is Husband's and the while pill is our dogs.  I had given my Husband our dog's medicine.  Surely he would be alright?  Right? 
On my way to Husband's work, I make a quick stop at the vet just to make sure.  
"Make sure he doesn't drink any alcohol and he will be fine," the vet said.  
Should I tell Husband or not?  I chose not.  When he got home from work I watched his every move making sure he reached for the lemonade and not a cold beer.  All is well so far and once again the moral of the story is sometimes half the truth is all they need. 

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