Friday, July 8, 2011

Help jump starting a career change

My morning routine consists of making my way out of bed, pouring my cup of coffee, strapping on the headphones for an innercheerleader session typically to an upbeat musical tune, and heading to the computer to search for jobs.  I search local performing arts organizations, non-profit sites, and the typical job search sights such as, and  In my months of searching I have only applied to four jobs.  Only four jobs have interested me enough to even send my resume.  Out of those four jobs I have made it through to the second interviews with two positions, one position half way across the country.  I've realized my biggest problem is not knowing what I am searching for.  I want something that I love doing everyday and get paid for.  I know this is possible because I spend 5 years at jobs I loved with people I adored.  My mind gets jumbled when I try and narrow down what I am looking for.  I have experience in non-profit marketing and medical marketing, but I don't necessarily want to continue on the marketing path.  
I am not organized or detail oriented.  Once a reference called me after talking to a future employer and said, " They asked me to rate your organizational skills from 1-5.  I gave you a 4/5.  I am going to hell." 

I am open to suggestions.  Please help!

Here are some of the thoughts on my where I might want to go next. 
  • Working at a university or private school in admissions.  I loved college and walking on campus everyday.  This might pose as a problem for me as I enjoy the company of intellectuals but admittedly am not an intellectual myself.  Hopefully they wouldn't check my college transcripts. 
  • Casting for commercials, movies etc (does this even exist in Texas?  I might be in the wrong state)
  • Working with people to help them find what they want to do- even though I struggle at this, I find I am good at encouraging others.  Do as I say not as I do right?  
  • Flexible schedule and generous vacation time.  Although not motivated too much by money, generous vacation gets me motivated. 

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