Saturday, July 9, 2011

Parenting objective: Making sure it doesn't die

I was struck by a comment about parenting I heard on the radio this week. "Your main objective being a parent is making sure it (the child) doesn't die." That sounds simple enough, right?  For the rest of the car ride I thought maybe I could be a parent.  I could handle keeping it alive.  My confidence was at an all time high on moving forward with reproducing. I came home daydreaming about the possibilities. Laying on the couch,  I looked out onto my balcony to find dead plants. 
Two out of three of my plants died.  Temperatures have been above 100 degrees and I somehow forgot to water my plants.  When they needed me most I abandoned them.  I have no excuse, I simply forgot.  Would I forget to feed a human, change its diaper or pick it up from heaven knows where?  I guess I am not so good at keeping things alive.  
The one plant that is hanging on, is hanging on for dear life.  Although visibly dead, I decided to water and see if I could bring them back to life.  Looks like I need more practice on keeping things alive. 
Reproductive confidence shot back down.

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