Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Never say never

How do I keep ending up exactly where I said I wouldn't be?  I said I would NEVER compromise my career for a man, yet I quit my dream job and moved cross country for love (all worth it mind you).  I said I would never move back to Texas.  Here I am living in Texas again with no thoughts of ever leaving.  I said I would never have a job that wasn't something that I loved.  I find myself stuck in a job unfulfilled. I said I would never enter the corrupt, money hungry, sleazy world of pharmaceutical sales and yet here I find myself preparing for a pharmaceutical sales job interview.  I mocked the movie and the characters in Love and Other Drugs (a movie about the life of a pharmaceutical sales rep).

I expressed sorrow for those in jobs solely for the pay and not living out their passion. Yet, the drastic increase in pay is my sole motivation for even considering the pharmaceutical field.  Once again a lesson in never say never. All the earlier things I found myself reneging on lead me to a better, happier place in life.  Nobody has offered me a job so I am jumping the gun, but even considering such a field is out of character for me.  Maybe I just need to trust where my path in life might leave me and officially stop thinking I will never do anything. 

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