Friday, July 15, 2011

Groundhog's Day at the Alzheimer's Association

I volunteer at the Alzheimer's Association corporate offices every week at the same time.   They have been experiencing lots of staff turnover, including the Executive Director leaving.  While searching for a new candidate for the position, an interim Executive Director was named.  Every Thursday for the past 5 weeks, as I enter the office the interim Executive Director manages to greet me.  This is not a planned encounter.  I've noticed he lingers at his office door.  Without fail, the conversation goes something like this. 

"Hi there, I am Robert," He says as he offers me his hand to shake.  
"Hi, I am Michelle, a volunteer," I respond. 
"Nice to meet you Michelle! We love volunteers here.  We couldn't get by without you.  Now what do you help with?" He asks each time as though following a script. 

"I help with whatever is needed.  Usually putting together packets," I say. 
"Well it has been a pleasure meeting you.  Thanks for all you do," He says. 

Every week, the same conversation.  This week, I broke out into laughter at the irony of memory loss at the Alzheimer's Association.  I felt like I was living in a scene from Groundhog's Day

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