Monday, June 27, 2011

Stealing or helping a neighbor out?

I live in a townhouse community.  I stepped outside my front door noticing a package from 1-800-Flowers on my neighbor's doorstep.  Flowers from 1-800-Flowers are delivered to you in a box.  Once you receive the flowers, you put them in a personal vase.  I am not sure if this is true for all of their deliveries, but it has been my experience.  My neighbor moved about a week ago.  We were friendly to each other waving and giving a courteous "hello" when our paths crossed, but nothing beyond that.  I knew they had moved because I watched them slaving away with the moving truck as I peeked from inside the comfort of my air-conditioned townhouse.   
I went back inside, thinking about the flowers.  Should I bring them inside with me?  Would this be considered stealing?  Surely, sitting out in the hot sun they will die and nobody will get to enjoy them and money is completely lost.  If I see the my former neighbor return, I could approach her and let her know about the delivery.  She would be grateful that I took care of her flowers right?  
I look out my front window to make sure no other neighbors are around. Quickly I run out and grab the box, leaving my front door open for a safe getaway.  I run back into my place slamming and locking the door behind me.  Mission accomplished. I tear into the box, in a rush to open it before Husband gets home. I open the card. 
Now I am feeling worried.  Realizing it was a birthday gift made it seem more real and wrong.  I thought maybe it was a new housewarming gift  delivered to the wrong address.  I'm not sure why taking a housewarming gift is not as bad as a birthday gift but somehow it feels different.  I quickly dispose of the card and box getting rid of the evidence.  I grab a vase from under the kitchen sink, fill it with water, and put the flowers in. 
Husband comments on the flowers as soon as he walks in the door.  
"Oh, they were on sale at the grocery store so I went ahead and picked some up.  I like having fresh flowers around," I said.  As the lie came out of my mouth realizing I couldn't admit to him where they came from,  I realized I may have done the wrong thing.  I am at a point of no return and decide to enjoy the flowers while they last.

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