Thursday, June 9, 2011

Boycott Jeans

I don't understand wearing jeans.  They are tight, uncomfortable, and unattractive.  I would like to sit down and have a discussion with the unethical individual who started this trend.  Although rude and unethical, I do appreciate their brilliance in convincing much of the world to chose to wear denim jeans over comfortable, attractive, clothing.  Yes, I do own and occasionally wear my over-priced jeans mostly due to peer pressure, but prefer a dress, skirt or just about any other garment option. Recently I chose to wear a pair of jeans on a long flight convincing myself covering my legs would protect me from the germs of the previous passengers.  As soon as I settled in my seat, I unbuttoned the top button of my uncomfortable jeans.  My jeans are not tight jeans either, in fact they are a size or two large.  When I walk I find myself pulling my jeans up.  I fear washing them because as we all know they shrink down below original size becoming unbearably uncomfortable.    As I exit the plane heading to baggage claim,  I start reconsidering my strong dislike of jeans.  I surprising feel comfortable and notice others looking my direction, suddenly boosting my self- confidence.  Maybe there is something to these popular jeans?  I feel the air breathing through the material.  Unfamiliar with this foreign comfort of jeans, I look down to find that I neglected to re-button my jeans from the flight.  My lacy, florescent green underwear clearly visible through the unzipped, unbuttoned jeans.  Frantically, I zip and button my jeans full of embarrassment.  I hate jeans.  

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