Sunday, May 29, 2011

One Day, One Action

One day at a time, one action a day.  This is my new motto for moving forward and making changes in my life.  Releasing my innercheerleader in the privacy of my own home is not getting me anywhere.  I need to take the next step.  Half the battle of life is just showing up, right?  

I detest hot weather and today temperatures are close to 100.  I was asked to go out for a walk.  This sounded like a terrible idea.  In my head I made excuse after excuse- my pale, freckled skin shouldn't be in the sun,  I have laundry to do, and most appealing I preferred staying inside on the couch in my air-conditioned home.  I changed my mindset and accepted the invitation.  I wore a hat and sunglasses to protect my face and started a load of laundry.  On my walk, thoughts of inspiration and self-criticism filled my head.  Here are a few of my thoughts. 
1.) I am scared of success.  I have little to no fear of failure.  
2.) For one who believes that anything is possible, I sure lack the actions to my beliefs. 
3.) I am a dreamer with lots of ideas that rarely turn into anything. 

Doing something, even a little something like going on the walk I tried to make excuses for, felt good.  I suppose the real trouble comes when I stop dreaming. The dreaming provides the motivation to keep moving forward one action at a time.  

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