Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bye Bye

Television history was made today with the finale of the Oprah Winfrey Show.  I watched the 25th season in preparation for the final episode.  She spoke a well prepared monologue about what the last 25 years meant to her declaring her job the love of her life.  Oprah had my dream job and I suspect many others feel the same way.  To be blessed to do what you love everyday and get paid millions upon millions for it isn't a bad gig.  She perfected the art of storytelling on a daily basis, inspiring audiences to rise to their potential. She preached her message in the finale of only you have the power to change and make yourself happy.  I believe these words deep in my bones, yet find myself day after day striving to live my best life.  After watching the show I once again pondered what I love to do.  I love storytelling in every form whether its television, theater, film or a simple conversation.  I love music and the way it can change your mood (I enjoyed a solo dance party feeling inspired while cooking tonight) and make you feel inspired.  After my dance party I watched the finale of Glee which I missed last night which continued the inspiration.  The Glee club went to New York for competition.  As Rachel stood on the Broadway stage of Wicked declaring that she would follow her dreams, move to New York right after graduation and never look back it brought me back to that time in my life.  I shared those dreams of getting to New York and never looking back.  Once I finally got there it felt euphoric.  I loved every minute I spent in the city.  I fell in love with the city and my job.  Then after a few years, I felt something missing.  I looked at the successful women in my industry and they were single.  I was at a crossroads of staying in the city or leaving.   I left and sometimes still wonder where I would be if I stayed.  When you are a teenager, nobody tells you you might want a family one day and work isn't everything, even if you do love your job. It is the part of about balance that they never tell you.  You have to learn it for yourself.  Once again today I was reminded to never stop dreaming.  I do believe you can have it all.  Currently I find myself with the true love of my life my Husband, but a a void in doing what I love for work.  All I can do is take it one day at a time.  I've set the goal of doing one thing a day to move forward in going back to a job I love.

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