Monday, February 28, 2011

30 YR Old Poser

Oscar night is more like Oscar week in my world.  I choose to wait until Oscar week to see the top Oscar nominated films.  My week started out going to see Black Swan.  I attempted to see matinee showings of all the movies to save a few bucks, but with work I was unsuccessful some nights.  Luckily, I hold onto my college student I.D for discounts such as these.  I walk up to the ticket counter with my game face on.  The clerk is hardly of age to vote.  He has dark shaggy hair that covers his eyes. I request a student ticket as I hand over my student I.D.  He looks at the ID, looks at me, and starts to laugh.  The I.D. remains in good condition with no dates indicated on it.
Suddenly it occurs to me.  The photo on my student ID is now 13 years old.  As much as I hate to admit it, the developing crows feet, fore head lines, and extra 15 or sound pounds give me a way.  He generously gives me the student discount.  I walk into the theater accepting the pity discount.  I ponder whether it is time to retire the student I.D.  I decide to hold on to it for now.  I can accept the giggles as long as I keep getting the discount.

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