Monday, May 2, 2011

Hide your Google search

A dear friend calls me in a tizzy.   He has been happily married for 3 years and adores his wife.  Recently, he has noticed she has been putting on some pounds as many of us women do.  He claims genuine concern for her health.  After suggesting new workouts and healthy meals he is perplexed that the pounds are still adding on.  Not wanting to seek advice from friends with fear he might upset her, he turns to the Google as we all do for answers to our questions no matter how mundane or complicated.  He types into the search bar "Fat wife help." Suddenly distracted by a dish breaking in the kitchen, he jumps up from his computer leaving "Fat wife help" in the search bar.  Hours go by with no activity on the computer.  As he sits comfortable in his leather recliner watching the end of a game, he hears his wife scream his name in furry from the study.  Immediately he realizes what he has done.  Needless to say, he spent that night sleeping in his favorite recliner.

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