Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Operation exit plan begins

I have been at my current job for 6 years.  For me, 6 years in one place is a really, really long time.  Prior to this job, I like to think I had a career- a career I was passionate about and proud of.  I worked long hours and at the end of the day I felt fulfilled.  My current job has been tolerable and simply a job.  It gives me extreme flexibility which has been especially beneficial now that I have a little one and I like my boss.  My biggest struggle at this job has been pure boredom, which I justified to myself wasn't a good enough reason to find something else.  I made a promise to myself long ago that I would never stay at a job I hated.  I watched my step-mother go to a desk job for 30 years she was miserable at day after day and I never wanted that life.  And more than anything, I'm reminded time after time that life is short, so don't want to spend the time I've been given on Earth miserable.  I know we all have the power to change our current situation, but sometimes (especially for me) it takes having a current shitty situation to make the change.  Today at work, I was notified of some changes.  I came home and told the Hubby the time had come.  I am going to quit my job.  He gave me a, "Ya, sure ya are" kind of look. Now we aren't exactly in some cush comfortable financial situation.  If I quit my job we definitely would not be shopping at my beloved Whole Foods, but we'd survive on one income until I pulled myself out of the water. But today,  I really did come home thinking I was going to quit, like tomorrow.  How could I let my little girl watch me go to a job I will soon most likely hate?  What kind of role model would I be?  Then it occurred to me, that quitting a day after I found out about a change, before the change even took place, wouldn't exactly be the best example either.  So after a night of contemplation and returning to blogging after a long hiatus, I've come to a better conclusion.
I'm going to start my exit plan. 

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