Friday, November 4, 2011

I am once again having trouble controlling my mouth.  When people ask what has been going on or how am I doing I actually tell them the truth instead of giving a simple "Oh not too much" answer they are expecting.  The truth takes them by surprise. 
"My mom married my grandfather.  Its legal and everything.  I was adopted as a baby.  So technically it is the woman who adopted me marrying the man whose daughter gave birth to me. It really isn't gross if you think about it."  
Exactly how am I expecting people to react to this?  I laugh loudly each time I say it, especially when people react super serious.  I am noticing my laughter makes people even more uncomfortable.  What is possessing me to do this?  I was on a conference call with someone half way across the country who I have only met once in person.  I found it necessary to tell her exactly what is going on with me.  As the words start coming out of my mouth I realize how ridiculous I sound as a thirty year old woman telling this story, but there is no turning back now.  This is something I've struggled with throughout my life, but am finding increasingly problematic as I age.  When I was younger my age could be used as an excuse, but now I am turning into the crazy lady.  My goal for the next day is to refrain from telling strangers and acquaintances my personal stories. Think I will be able to do it?  Yeah, me neither. 

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  1. Yeah, its one of those things that would definitely be hard to keep in.

    I am curious though, how that comes up as a topic of conversation? Is it mainly due to the wedding?