Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy 2 year wedding anniversary to us

Today is our 2 year wedding anniversary.  Warning: This might get a little mushy.  Everyday I get to spend with him feels like a fairy tale.  

Seriously, I don't know how I ended up with such a compassionate, honest, loving man.  I did everything you are told not to do when we were dating.  I didn't play the games, I just put myself out there.  I knew from the minute I laid eyes on him he was the one I was suppose to be with.  I made my intentions known to anyone and everyone.  At times (most times), it made me come across as the crazy girl that I am.  Before I met Husband, I rarely even thought about getting married.  I thought about being some successful single,  entertainment executive.  Thoughts of marriage and family were very foreign.  Now here I find myself, loving every minute of married life.  Here were some of my forbidden dating tactics that somehow resulted in a happy marriage of 2 years and counting.
  • Flew across country 3 weeks after meeting him at a wedding.  He lived in Grand Rapids, MI and I was somewhere in Texas.  I flew to Chicago and took a 5 hour train ride to Grand Rapids.  It is only a 3 hour drive.  That was the slowest and worst train ride I had ever been on.  I paid for the ticket with my credit card.  I was unemployed at the time.  NOT CRAZY GIRL:  A normal girl would have made him come visit her or at least have him help with the cost of travel.  Not me, no sir.  It was all me.  
  • We were long distance for the first 2 years never officially dating.  I never dated anyone else in these 2 years even though husband directly told me multiple times that he only saw me as a good friend and did not see a long term romantic relationship happening.  NOT CRAZY GIRL:  A normal girl would have continued dating other potential suitors at the same time as talking to a guy across country. 
  • I moved across country. Twice.  The first time we weren't even dating and the second time we had officially been dating for 3 months.   NOT CRAZY GIRL:  A normal girl would've kept herself put in her safe, stable environment. 
This is all I am willing to share for the time being, but the list goes on.  I guess my point is that I am someone that can't help but follow her heart in everything I do.  I have to say, following my heart has lead me to this wonderful, daily, happiness I never thought possible.  
I almost forgot to mention the newest addition to our family this year.  I also never knew I was an animal person until our sweet Journey came into our lives. 


  1. happy anniversary!

  2. Aww your dog is adorable. Happy anniversary, it was so romantic what you did when you were in a long distance relationship. xo

  3. Wow, awesome. Seems like the perseverance paid off! Congrats on your wedding anniversary.

  4. D'awwww.... Congrats. Happy Anniversary and here's to many more.