Thursday, September 8, 2011

Text message: Are you pregnant?

People, really! This is getting out of control.  I sit at my desk and hear the ding of my phone indicating a text message.  The text message reads, "Are you pregnant?" 

That is it.  This is from a friend I talk to about once a month.  No small talk, no checking in on seeing how things are going, just right to the point.  I respond, "NO," hoping to get across the same directness as her message. 
I understand that I am married, and now into my 30's, but the frequency I get asked whether I am with child is out of control.  I'm going to up my yoga so my belly (which I have had as long as I can remember breathing) won't be mistaken for a baby.  Even with my new strategy, I think the baby questions will still keep coming, just hopefully this will decrease the frequency. 

We did spend the weekend with our twin, 5 month old nephews.  We love our nephews dearly, but every time we leave them, we are a step further from creating life.  Husband has definitely been keeping his distance since we returned from our weekend visit. 

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