Friday, September 9, 2011

Superior babysitter

Within 24 hours, I've received 3 text messages asking, "Are you pregnant?"  Mind you none of these people read this blog.  
It just so happened I offered to babysit for a friend's one year old son last night.   They don't have any family close by and so I offer my services free of charge (like anyone would actually pay me to watch their child.)  This was about my fifth time to watch my Little Buddy.  While babysitting two friends called.  During both brief conversations my little buddy happen to be screaming. 
His screams were of excitement but over the phone sounded like a crying baby.  As soon as I hung up with the first friend I received the text, "Are you pregnant?"  I thought it was a joke and asked her if she had miraculously found and read my blog.  She had no knowledge of any blog of mine but I sparked her curiosity.  Hmmm... So,  the idea of me babysitting to one of my oldest friends seems like such a foreign concept that the only explanation she can come up with is that I must be having a baby to be around babies?  This is not encouraging news.  
The second friend calls and says, "What? You're babysitting? Why? Wait, do these people even know who they left their child with?   Is everything okay?"  
I hang up without giving an explanation because my little buddy fed part of his puzzle to the dog, Chubbs.  I feared for Chubb's life.  My responsibility was to keep my Little Buddy alive, I never considered the dog a possibly casualty.  It looked like I might just have an emergency on my hands.  
 I fought the puzzle piece out of Chubbs.  He put up a fight but ultimately, the puzzle piece was the only casualty of the night. 
My Little Buddy and Chubbs both survived the evening with me.  When Little Buddy's Mom came home and she picked him up, he reached out for me.  Yes, me the baby-less baby-sitter. 

Although my friend's confidence in my baby abilities is at an all time low, I have faith in myself.  I do like proving people wrong, but NO...I AM NOT PREGNANT. 

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