Friday, August 12, 2011

White hairs sneaking in

White hair continues to find its way on my head.  When it first started happening I tried convincing myself they were blonde sun streaks, but there is no denying it now.  Each time I find a new white hair I feel my life passing me by and my days of being able to reproduce in this world fade away. How do I get myself to feel ready for a baby?  I know I look like a grown-up, but I don't feel like one.  I've chosen to pull each hair out that I find, but this is becoming quite painful.  I save them to show Husband to prove to him I am on the road to becoming a little old lady (fingers crossed I am little and not fat again in old age).  He just looks at me and tells me I'm pretty or something along those lines.  Smart man I must say.  I have an appointment to dye my hair tomorrow, although I know this won't take away the problem.  There isn't enough time!  Does anyone else ever feel like this?  

1 comment:

  1. Stop! Don't pull them out! The more you pull the more they grow.. or so everyone says. When I was in primary school, there was a student who's head was all but completely white. I there learnt that white hair doesn't always come with aging.