Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Morning Coffee Hijacked

I headed into Starbucks to treat myself to an ice coffee, a personal favorite of mine.  The friendly Barista informs me that today is my lucky day, my coffee is FREE.  "Really?" I question as I ponder the reasoning behind this.  I walk away from the cashier over to the coffee bar as I await, my tall, unsweetened ice coffee.  Moments later my ice coffee is handed over.  I walk over to pour in some milk before I head out the door.  
As I open the door, I feel a hand grab my shoulder.  "Ma'm, M'am! I was just kidding about the free coffee.  I'm going to need you to pay for that", the Barista informs me.  I head back over to the cashier with my head bowed in shame, feeling like a criminal.  What had just happened?

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