Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Animal lovers beware

I am not an animal lover.  Never have been and never will be.  As a child I dreaded field trips to the zoo.  I don't hate animals, I just don't particularly seek them out.  If at someone's house and their dog starts jumping on me for some love, I tend to stand still as though paralyzed waiting for it to stop.  I especially don't care for small, barking dogs.  I often find myself in conversations where it is obvious I am not an animal lover.  The looks I receive are as though I have beaten a small child.  I've become accustomed to these glares of judgment often followed by the ever so encouraging comment "You know they say not liking animals is a sign of being a serial killer." 
This is not a secret to anyone that knows me.  My animal loving friends find it amusing when their pet snuggles up to me for attention or licks my face for attention as I stay still and awkward. Turns out Husband is an animal lover.  His face lights up at the sight of just about any animal.  He even got excited at the jellyfish at the Aquarium (my non-loving nature covers sea creatures too).  
Husband desperately wanted a dog.  He begged, pleaded, and attempted a persuasive lists of reasons to add a dog to our family.  I did not find his reasons persuasive.   I am a softy when it comes to him and gave in simply because I knew how happy it would make him.  My lists of reasons not to get a dog seemed more logical. 
  1. Daily work taking the dog out, walking it, and feeding it. 
  2. Where will it stay when we go out of town?
  3. Extra unnecessary expenses for dog food, vet bills, boarding costs and the list goes on. 
I am more shocked then anyone at how much I love this dog.  I miss her when I am gone, worry about her, and can't wait to see her when I walk in the door.  I referred to myself as her mother and talk to her in squeaky baby voices. Although still not an animal lover, I understand them more and am definitely a Journey (name our dog) lover.  She was a rescue and is shy, obedient and loving.  Yet again another lesson of never say never

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