Friday, June 17, 2011

Achieving as an Underachiever

I made a list of what I am good at to help brainstorm the next steps in life.  I came to realize I am really good at being an underachiever.  I, unlike many, have no fear of failure.  My fear lies in the likelihood of success.  I find this true in my sporadic exercise routines, at work, and just at about every other aspect in the life.  The exception is friendship.  I am good at being a friend.  If I only I could find a way to be a professional friend.  My people skills do backfire when I am with a group of people (a group being 3 or more ) and my social anxiety kicks in.  Unfortunately for me, my social anxiety is often misinterpreted for rude and inappropriate when really what one is witnessing is a public anxiety attack. 

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