Monday, May 9, 2011

New Boots

I step into the elevator in my office building.  I am wearing a grey wool skirt that stops just below my knees, a black turtleneck and my new flat healed boots that come up my leg just past my knee.  The elevator doors open on my way up to my floor.  In walks a gentleman in his mid 60's with white hair, casually dressed in cowboy boots and jeans.  Looks like a good ole country boy. 
"Well looky there," he says with his thick southern accent, "Your boots go all the way up to your Hoo Ha."

I stand there speechless.  How do you answer something like that?  My hooha?  I know exactly what he is referring to but continue to stand dumbfounded searching for a response. 

With that the elevator doors open and we go our separate ways.

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