Tuesday, May 17, 2011

89 year old ipod loyalist

I sat waiting for my to go order at Corner Bakery with my eyes clued to my iPhone in an attempt to make others around me think that I am busy and important. This is what we all do right? Anything to avoid human contact. An elderly gentleman using a cane asked if he could share the bench with me. I agreed as my eyes stayed focused on the iPhone. The elderly man pulled out his iPod from his pocket, slowly sticking one white headphone at a time into each ear. The ear I was sitting closest to had a hearing aid. "Never thought I would get me one of these iPod dilly daddles, but here I am, don't see no reason to leave the house without it," He said.
 He sparked my curiosity directing my attention away from my phone to him.
"This here iPod was on sale at Fryes. They tend to have the best prices on electronics. I have all types of music on it from the 40's to today. Here I am 89 years old, and thanks to this I get to enjoy my favorite music everywhere I go.  My wife is next door at the doctor's office." With that my number was called. I said my goodbyes and was off. Leaving I couldn't help but think how technology has effected all ages and that you are never to old to do anything- not even rock out to your ipod.

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