Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bar Stools

I've somehow been put in charge of planning our company holiday party.  I went to sign the contract at a local establishment specializing in bowling, laser tag, pool tables and video games.  Tammy sat in the sales office with our contract in hand awaiting to swipe my credit card for the deposit.  She had dark, wrinkly, tanned skin and silver rings on each one of her fingers.  Her bleached blonde, stringy hair longed for a brush and a good old fashion shampoo.  She looked as though she had done some hard livin' and smelled of pharmacy perfume.  Her movements were slow and intentional.    She was very friendly.
Tammy kindly handed me the contract to look over when she noticed the last name was wrong on the contract.  I explained that I hadn't changed my maiden name to my married name at work yet and she could be assured that it was me.  Without prompting, she started telling me her story of having a unique last name.
"I had never met anyone with my last name, then a few years ago I did," Tammy explained.
I nodded in agreement as she continued.
"Back in my drinkin days, I don't drink anymore, I was up at my favorite bar.  There I was just sittin on my usual bar stool when the guy next to me strikes up a conversation.  One thing led to another and we hit it off if you know what I mean," She said.

Did I really know what she meant?  Was she telling me about a drunken night bar hook-up?
I nodded my head and continued to listen.

"Once we came back to our bar stool we got to talkin.  We hadn't caught each others names just yet.  Come to find out we have the same last name,  McKalinka!  He didn't believe me so I pulled out my drivers license.  My license wasn't exactly legal but it worked for these purposes.  Come to find out our families are from the same town....we were 3rd cousins!"

She handed me the contract to sign and I passed over my credit card.  Not sure how to react to the new I had just been given, I simply smiled at her and wondered if this was the day that ended her drinking days.

MIC inspired by Tammy.

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