Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bacon and ice cream, yes please!

The scale was not nice to me this morning.  I do however think I know the cause of the increase of unwanted pounds on my hips.  The culprits are bacon and ice cream.  For years these are two foods I altogether avoided for both health reasons and I just didn't think I cared for them.  I preferred eating a mound of cheese instead of indulging in a bowl of ice cream.  As for bacon, I rarely even thought about the food and bacon is also one of the food on my list to avoid for my migraine headaches because of the nitrates.  My relationship with bacon started when I found a nitrate free bacon at Whole Foods.  This makes it healthy bacon, right?  I started making BLTs, cooking green beans in the bacon grease, adding bacon to spinach salad, and the list goes on.  Oh heavens! This is what I have been missing?!  Bacon is mouth-watering delicious and healthy....well, okay, maybe not, even without the nitrates... but the packaging also says natural and gluten free.
The pint of Blue Bell ice cream was on sale so I figured I would treat the Husband.  Riggghhhttt.  Turns out, I really REALLY like ice cream.  He never actually got to partake in the cool, sweet dessert.  I had devoured it before he got home.  Now the problem I have is how I am going to manage to once again eliminate these two items from my diet.  I think the ice cream is going to be easier then the bacon.  Help!


  1. i'm with ya...i'd rather eat a block of cheese than ice cream!!

  2. Bacon....oh my word...you must have been inside my head today. It's all I can think about!!!